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VX60 GPS Vehicle Tracker

GPS Tracker. Fleet Management. Jolly Good Trackerz

TR800 GPS Vehicle Tracker

GPS Tracker. Fleet Management. Jolly Good Trackerz

AT12S GPS Asset Tracker


PN40 GPS Personelle Tracker


TR500 GPS Vehicle Tracker

DC2EX-Linxio-Dash-Cam | TJR Truck - Trackerz, GPS Car Trackers, Fleet Management , Work vehicle

DC2EX Dash Cam GPS Tracker

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The Linxio Edge

GPS Fleet Tracking

Linxio offer a wide range of high quality GPS devices to suit all budgets
and requirements, from the low cost TR500 vehicle tracker, to the AT12 standalone GPS tracker with an impressive 8 year battery life.

Linxio-Vehicle-Tracking | Trackerz, GPS Car Trackers, Fleet Management, Work vehicle
Linxo-Fleet-Management | Trackerz, GPS Car Trackers, Fleet Management, Work vehicle

360° Fleet Management

Linxio fleet management system updates all vehicle diagnostics in real-time, allowing you to see your entire fleet operations as it happens, and with unlimited cloud storage, you have access to a lifetime history of vehicle data.

Complete Asset Tracking

Complete control over your assets using our GPS Asset Tracking & management software with live tracking, plus valuable data such as fuel levels and unauthorised usage.

Linxio-Asset-Tracking | | Trackerz, GPS Car Trackers, Fleet Management, Work vehicle
Linxio-Dashboard-Interface | Trackerz, GPS Car Trackers, Fleet Management , Work vehicle

Simple Unified Dashboard

Knowing where your fleet vehicles are, the routes shared between dispatch and delivery, the speeds of commute and driver alerts for better safety and coordination. All this & more from a unified dashboard updated in real-time.


Make It Happen In 4 Steps

Select Your GPS Tracker

Choose Your Plan

Install Tracker In Vehicle

Start Tracking In Real-Time

Choose from a wide range of GPS trackers powered by Linxio.

Activate a subscription plan based on use and size of your fleet.

Install either into the obd port or select the hardwired option.

Start tracking your vehicle through a mobile app or desktop.


OBDII Plug & Play 4G LTE Device is suitable for companies or single users with a high turnover of vehicles that do not need a permanent installation method. Supports all the standard features including Bluetooth, driver identification and driver behaviour.


Our Multi I/O 4G LTE GPS fleet tracking device with options for hard-wired or OBDII Installation. Features include Bluetooth capabilities, 6 x inputs and 2 outputs with options for temperature, humidity, light sensors, driver ID and CANbus.


IP67 Water Rated 4G LTE GPS Based Devices suitable for assets such as plant machinery, shipping containers, etc. In-built solar panel will keep the unit constantly powered with no need to replace batteries. Easily installed using screws or magnet mounting bracket.


4G LTE Personal tracking beacon suitable for lone workers such as on construction sites, mining and security personnel. Features include quick charge, Bluetooth, IP67 water rating, shockproof casing and an impressive 14-day battery life.


Hard-wired 4G LTE Device with 1 x input and 1 x output, suitable for most applications. Bluetooth features also available for connection to driver ID key fobs, temperature sensors & tyre pressure sensors.


The DC2EX Dash Camera automatically uploads HD video footage to the Linxio Cloud. With live scene analysis for both road and driver-facing cameras, the DC2EX is purpose-built to reduce high-risk behaviours, like distracted driving and harsh driving, lower safety-related costs, and provide deep visibility into fleet operations.

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